Calendula Tea

Calendula has to be one of the most popular medicinal herbs used today. It is in many ointments and creams for treating everything from minor grazes to fungal infections.

We grow it year round in our polytunnel and it is rarely out of flower. Its cheerful bright orange or yellow flowers lift the spirits!

Not only is it useful for skin conditions but it is also good for internal use. This simple tea recipe is one I make using fresh flowers picked and used immediately. It is good for digestive disorders or sore throats (or simply because you like herbal tea!)

Once the tea is made any left can be kept be refrigerated for a few days.

Teenagers may appreciate it if they are prone to acne. Simply pour a little onto a flannel and use some each night to wash your face.

It is also used in our family to treat athlete’s foot by adding it to a foot bath.

How to make:

Place 4 or 5 calendula flowers into a jug and pour hot water over them. Place a lid over the top to avoid losing volatile oils in the steam.

Leave to steep for 8 to 10 minutes until a suitable temperature.

Pour into a cup and drink.

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