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No Dig Gardening

Our soil is not the easiest. In fact I have to admit I really did not enjoy the original making stage of our garden. We had to get creative in how we gardened just to keep going. When you watch Monty Don slipping his spade into his soil we could only look on in envy. […]

Cutting Flowers

We grow a lot of flowers for cutting. From early spring onwards we aim to have fresh flowers for all our guests in their accommodation. We like them to be bright and vibrant – a little joyous bouquet to lift the spirits of our guests as they arrive after a long journey. This year we […]

Improving our wind break

Our Forest Garden is, on the whole, well protected from the ferocity of the winds we can get on our farm.  We have a tall hedge to the north that cuts out all the cold northerly winds in winter, and the SW prevailing wind has to get through hedges, trees and a bank before it […]

Unusual edible trees for an English garden…

Last week was damp and warm which brought about in an explosion of growth in our Forest Garden – including our trees. Our mulching is starting to pay dividends holding back the grass around each tree as grass would reduce tree root development. This week I’m writing about some of the trees and shrubs in […]

Spring in the Forest Garden

This winter has been a busy time in our forest garden.  Many new trees have been planted and now all that hard work is starting to show some rewards. This is a short post showing just a few images of what is happening to some of the plants in our forest garden this May 2014. […]

Mulberry tree in our forest garden

I know a number of people who’ve created a Forest Garden say the first tree on their list was the Mulberry.  Well, there must be something in the type of people who grow Forest Gardens and Mulberry trees; because it has been a tree I’ve wished to grow for years. Mulberry is a tree with […]

Elaeagnus xebbinggei

You may already be growing this shrub in your garden.  It is useful as a hedging shrub particularly in coastal areas where it can cope with salt-laden air.  Though wind is an issue in our location this is not the key reason for selecting it. The whole Elaeagnus  family are nitrogen fixers.  This means they have […]