Wild Garlic Pesto

With lockdown continuing we are always on the look out for new inventive ways to reduce our visits to the shops. We are incredibly lucky to have the space around us that allows us to forage from the land without leaving the farm.
Today I visited our woodland to take advantage of one of my favourite foods to forage – wild garlic. It grows in abundance along the edge of our woodland. It is not a plant I would want in my garden – too invasive and, well, too garlicy!
With today’s harvest I made a pesto. It was not following a standard recipe as I wanted to use only items from my own store cupboard and so adapted it to fit what was there. You can do the same. I have marked items that are easy to vary.

150g wild garlic leaves
60g Cheddar (if you do have parmesan this would be the traditional cheese)
1 tbsp lemon + 1tbsp lime
50g nuts – I used a mixture of cashews and peanuts but traditionally this would be pine nuts
130ml olive oil

Roughly chop the wild garlic leaves.
Place all ingredients except the oil in the blender and blitz.
Slowly incorporate the oil whilst stirring, until you are happy with the consistency. Taste and season to your own liking.
We sealed the pesto in a kilner jar for use for lunches. It will last in the fridge for two weeks (but never does in our house!).

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