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Wild Garlic Pesto

With lockdown continuing we are always on the look out for new inventive ways to reduce our visits to the shops. We are incredibly lucky to have the space around us that allows us to forage from the land without leaving the farm. Today I visited our woodland to take advantage of one of my […]

An accidental harvest!

With most of our forest garden planted last winter we are at the settling in phase, there is much work with no anticipated outputs for this year.  Except we had a welcome surprise last week! An Elder (Sambucus nigra) had self seeded itself on the edge of our forest garden and was smothered in flat heads of […]

Making Crab Apple and Cobnut Stuffing

ur hedges are full of Cobnuts at the moment and we’re in competition with the squirrels to make the most of this harvest. Cobnuts or hazelnuts are delicious when de-shelled and lightly roasted to bring out their sweetness. We’ll often do just that but there is so much more you can do with them, like […]