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Nelly and Scrag

I love the natural beauty of the English countryside. At a time like this when everything is so different I find stopping to enjoy the natural world even more essential. Alone time just to walk and meditate and to see nature continuing as normal.

I share this time with my dog Nelly. She is the perfect companion, always there, but sensing when to interact and when to go with the flow.

What I was not expecting this morning as I set off for my walk was a second companion. Nelly’s best friend – Scrag (I know, unusual name!)

I started down our lane with both pets following. I was expecting Scrag would go half way down the lane, wave us off and head back to a comfortable chair to sleep. But no. He continued. Across the road, up the bridleway, along a field. It was at this point he started to look a little nervous. Not sure what to do. I think he wanted to turn for home, but did not want to do the journey alone. Let’s face it cats don’t want to be shown up! After a few tentative mews and a pleading gaze I decided I would spare his pride and return home with him.

Not the walk I wanted, but I would not be without my loving companions. An essential part of our life. I can always walk again…

Ducks in the Forest Garden

We have a lot of grass in the Forest Garden during this early phase and have taken on some little helpers to help to keep this in check.  They are loving their new home – especially the bathing facilities!

Watch this video of our new additions (The large Muscovy is named Mr Incredible due to his super hero mask)