The Farm

The Farm

Forest Garden

A forest garden (food forest) is designed in structure to be like the margins of a woodland - with the trees, shrubs and other planting selected for their value to the whole planting structure. This multilayer planting helps to sequester carbon, increases worms and improves the soil whilst also growing food and creating shelter for ourselves and the wildlife. The planting includes many edibles like apples, medlars, cherries, pears, Szechuan pepper, quinces, raspberries, gooseberries, loganberries, rhubarb, many herbs, and the list goes on....

Cayuga Ducks

Our Cayuga ducks that our logo is based on is our predominate duck. Ducks are a wonderful part of our eco system, with their love of slugs they help our plants to thrive. The breed originate from the Cayuga Lake They have a fabulous beetle-green lustre on their black plumage and lay eggs which we use in our baking and sell to our guests.. They are very friendly and whenever possible during the day they are allowed to roam the farm.

Wiltshire Horn Sheep

This very old breed produces some of the best lamb (and certainly our favourite). They are the perfect breed for us, their docile nature make them lovely to work with and they thrive on our downland farm. They slot into the overall land maintenance, targeting some of the more vigorous perennials in our grassland. The flock is relatively small - they are kept at a sustainable level so they thrive on the land and help with the maintenance. Their meat is part of our BBQ hampers.