Here’s a list of my favourite books that I have used throughout my diploma projects so far.

Forest Garden:

Forest Garden book

Taste of the Unexpected

Not only has this book got a list of some fantastic plants that we have added to our forest garden but it also has recipes to go with them  I love to browse this book.

Martin Crawford



Creating a Forest Garden

This was my first book on Forest gardening.  I love this book. It gives a step by step plan for designing the different layers of a forest garden in clear identifiable steps. He has a comprehensive list of plant for a temperate climate described in great detail.

If I were to own just one forest garden book this would be it.

Edible Forest Garden

This is by first my biggest investment into my Forest Garden.

These two tombs contain a large amount of information and are very well organised.   The size can be off putting but they are wonderful and helpful books. (only for the serious).



Aranya has a wonderfully clear way of explaining things.  This book is great at enabling creative designs. Rooted in the ethics and principles of permaculture, this practical and inspiring design guide has been very valuable to my design work.



A great basic introduction to the subject. The book is short, but was enough to inspire me to want to learn more about permaculture and how I could apply it to our lives, first through a PDC and now my Diploma.



Forest Church