Kiki hen house Bouba duck house

If you are a QI fan you may know what I’m going on about.  In 2001 two scientists carried out an experiment asking two different groups of people that spoke different languages which shape they thought was Kiki and which one Bouba.  98% felt kiki was the pointy shape and bouba was the curved shape.  The theory goes that we create a rounded mouth shape for B and a more taut shape for K and this affects the names we give objects and noises.

IMG_0887This weekend we made a new hen house for our chickens, as their old hen house, after years of good service, was beyond another move.  Starting with a blank canvas we applied as much permaculture to the new hen house as we could.  It needed to be easily moveable, have height for perching, easy access for cleaning, incorporate nesting boxes and comfortable for the chickens, and ended up with a very steeply triangular ‘Kiki’ shape. The chickens are delighted with their new home and have moved to their new patch near the ‘Bouba’ duck house.

IMG_0897These shapes seem to suit both of their residences.  Our Kiki chickens with their very pointy beaks and their sharp, precise movement, against the ducks curved beaks and rounded gait…


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