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Rabbits are an integral part of our farm

Rabbits Relaxing in our Coney-Garth

The Normans introduced coney-garths (rabbit yards) into England where they raised rabbits for their fur and meat. Often these were surrounded by wide moats to contain the rabbits. Having raised rabbits for some time I have experimented with various systems to find the one that worked with our rabbits.  Our breeding rabbits have settled into a nice pattern […]

Rabbit Tractor in Action

ollowing the arrival of our new rabbits we’ve been observing and tweaking their management, slowly moving them from the caged rabbits on dry food that arrived to a more natural free range existence on grass.  It has been easy to spend time with them – they are fun characters! We wanted to ensure the move […]

Setting up a rabbit tractor

  n permaculture there is a lot written about chicken tractors.  The term refers to keeping chickens in a movable run to benefit from the symbiotic relationship of giving the chickens kept for eggs or meat a natural free range life and so supplement their diet whilst benefiting from their natural instinct to dig, weed […]