Green fruits

2014-07-09 09.26.55When planting up our aquaponic system we looked at the sort of annuals we would most like to eat and what appealed to the children. This resulted in a fair amount of fruiting plants.  Cucumber, tomato, pepper, peas and even a pumpkin.  All of this resulted in a heavy potassium requirement from our young system, and caused chlorosis (yellowing of leaf due to a lack of chlorophyll) in some of the leaves.  This is not a long term issue, but needed a few steps to intervene and bring the system more into balance.

Our pH was good, so nutrients were not being locked out, and our nitrites were being converted to nitrates.  The next step was to up the fish numbers to help to add more nutrients to the system. This is something the children love to be involved in – choosing which goldfish…

If you followed our previous blog you may know we had the aim of having something to harvest at the end of last month.  All we had to acheive this is a single rocket leaf, and a still green (very hot) pepper.  We do hope to have a bigger harvest this month though!

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